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Argos Electrical Building

Precast with Steel Mold_Argo

  • Argos Electrical Generator Building
  • Yumbo Valle, Coumbia
  • 2008
  • Felipe Gonzalez-Pacheco
  • MGP Arquitectura y Urbanismo Itda.
  • Calle 87 No.15-23 of. 704
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Precast Concrete-Steel Mold
This apartment building has a precast concrete and brick veneer composite panel on its exterior fa├žade. The master for the panels was fabricated using a CNC router and then a rubber mold was made from the master. Brick were hand laid onto the rubber mold and concrete poured directly onto the back of the brick surfaces. The concrete filled the spaces between the brick to give the appearance of mortar joints. A large mold was created and was subdivided with dams to create smaller composite panels as per the design. The mold was used repeatedly throughout the manufacturing of the panels.