Manufacture Architecture NC

North Carolina Museum of Art


  • North Carolina Museum of Art
  • Raleigh, NC
  • 2010
  • Photo:flickr:Chirag D. Shah 2008
  • Thomas Phifer and Partners
  • 180 Varick Street
  • New York NY
  • 10014
  • 44.207.738.0455
  • Contact Molding
The NCMA’s West gallery building has custom designed ceiling coffers. The oculus at the center of the coffer has a diffuser and skylight at the top. The coffer distributes the natural light emitted from the oculus throughout the gallery. The coffers are manufactured using traditional, contact molded, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). Because the coffers are FRP, they are lightweight and weigh just over 400 pounds each. The coffers are demountable, which allows building maintenance to access the diffusers and building systems when necessary.