Poster and Template Resources

You can find links to files, templates and fonts here.

  • Adobe Illustrator Map Template, CC2017, CS06 or PDF, including scales, colors, legends and map size.
  • Google Fonts: Download Roboto Condensed
  • Color palette for Illustrator as CC2017, CS06 or PDF (both created in Illustrator).
    • To OPEN the swatch palette in an existing Illustrator file; From the swatch palette dropdown (upper right corner of your swatch palette)
      • Open Swatch Library > Other Library > (Navigate to)
  • InDesign PosterTemplates CC If you are on a previous version of InDesign, open the IDML file in the folder.

Trouble-shooting for working in Illustrator.

Cleaning up files exported from ArcMap or QGIS can be taxing on your computer’s memory. Here are some tricks for freeing up memory:

Try these options in Adobe Illustrator Preferences (note: You will have to shut down Illustrator and re-open for the preferences to take place):
  • Plug-ins & Scratch Disk. Add an external drive and set it as a Secondary Scratch Disk. Preferences > Plug-ins and Scratch Disks > Select your External Drive as the Secondary Scratch Disk
  • GPU Performance. Uncheck GPU Performance and reduce Undo Counts.
  • File Handling & Clipboard. Check Low Resolution Proxy for Linked EPS.
  • Additionally, Work in Outline Mode to clean up, rather than Preview Mode