Studios & Seminars
Faculty members here are heavily involved in the teaching of the following technology-focused studio and seminar courses:
ARC302 – Architectural Design: Technology (Jianxin Hu)
ARC331 – Architectural Structures I (Wayne Place)
ARC332 – Architectural Structures II (Wayne Place)
ARC405 – Architectural Design Fundamentals: Technology (Wayne Place)
ARC503 – Advanced Architectural Design – Highrise (Wayne Place)
ARC503 – Advanced Architectural Design – Airport Design (Wayne Place)
ARC590 – Daylighting and Passive Energy Systems for Architecture (Jianxin Hu)

Energy & Technology Graduate Certificate
Faculty members here are also heavily involved in one of the Graduate Certificate Programs – Energy and Technology in Architecture. The intent of this certificate program is to provide students the opportunity to focus their elective studies in the area of energy and technology in architecture.  This is accomplished through courses and design studio(s) that are focused on building energy systems along with other building systems.  For more information on the ETA certificate program, click here.

Ph.D. in Design Program
The research group are among the key participants in the PhD in Design program at College of Design, especially in the area of sustainability. It is focused on research collaborations with the College of Engineering in advanced modeling systems for simulating the performance of built environments and in sustainable energy and material exchanges, ranging in scale from building components and subsystems to strategies for cities. For information on the Ph.D. in Design program at College of Design, click here.

Educational Outreach
Workshops and seminars are developed to address design and implementation strategies for new commercial green buildings. Educational programs offered to architects, engineers, general contractors and other professionals in the commercial building industry.