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BETlab provides direct support to the School of Architecture in the College of Design at North Carolina State University in achieving its research and institutional objectives related to sustainability and building technologies.

BETlab works closely with the Ph.D. Program in the College of Design, the Master of Architecture Program, and the graduate certificate program “Building Energy & Technology in Architecture (BETA)” to facilitate collaborative efforts in supporting student research and developing program curricula. By leveraging its expertise and resources, BETlab aims to foster a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange that contributes to the advancement of sustainable building practices in academia and industry.


Active involvement of students from the aforementioned programs is a crucial element in fostering the research culture and technological innovations that BETlab strives to achieve.┬áBETlab encourages student participation in its research projects and supported curricula, enabling them to contribute to the research direction and provide support. By engaging with BETlab’s initiatives, students gain valuable knowledge that can be applied to their design processes, promoting a culture of innovation and sustainability in their academic and professional pursuits.