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This research is to evaluate the potential energy savings of implementing Fuel-Cell Micro-Generation (FCMG) systems in Load-Sharing buildings (House and Office). The energy modelling and simulation technology are used to evaluate the effectiveness of FCMG in buildings, using the EnergyPlus program developed by the United States’ Department of Energy (USDOE).

This study includes other simulation modelling scenarios such as Case-1) House, Case-2) Office, Case-3) Simple Sum of House and Office, Case-4) Load-Sharing between House and Office, Case-5) Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems in Load-Sharing buildings, Case-6) FCMG in Load-Sharing Buildings with GSHPs, and 7) Photovoltaic & Thermal (PV-T) systems in Load-Sharing buildings with GSHPs.

This study focuses on the simulation modelling analysis of Case-5 (GSHP) and Case-6 (FCMG application in the Load-Sharing Buildings with GSHPs). There are a number of simulation programs to evaluate the performance of buildings with various electric, mechanical, and thermal systems. However, it is still a challenge to model and simulate the FCMG systems using the existing whole building simulation programs such as EnergyPlus. Therefore, it starts with an extensive literature review of the current technology of simulation modelling of FCMG.