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Certificate Program


BETlab provides crucial support to students in the Master of Architecture program at North Carolina State University by offering a certificate specialization in “Building Energy and Technology in Architecture (BETA)”. This certificate program provides students with the opportunity to develop expertise in one of the most important issues facing architectural designers in practice today – sustainability in design.

Through the BETA program, BETlab is able to offer students a range of proctored curriculum and research opportunities that support their interest in building energy and technology. By participating in the program, students gain invaluable knowledge and skills that are essential for success in the field of sustainable architecture.

BETlab’s commitment to supporting the BETA program is a key part of its overall mission to advance research and development in the field of building energy technologies. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among students, academics, and industry professionals, BETlab is helping to create a more sustainable future for our built environment.

To learn more about the Building Energy and Technology in Architecture (BETA) certificate program, visit the Graduate Certificates Program website.