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Hamed Honari


Hamed Honari is a visiting researcher in the College of Design at NC State University, where he is working on Building Energy Modeling research topics at BETlab.   He received his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, and 2009 respectively.

Hamed received his Engineering Intern Certificate from North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors in 2013, and working to become a licensed Professional Engineer.  He was awarded clean energy leadership fellow in December 2013.  He authored and co-authored research papers and conference papers.

He conducted his Master’s thesis in Energy Sciences and Computational Combustion Lab at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of NC State University.  His research title was “Density Filtering for a flame-embedding approach based on Large Eddy Simulation and the One-Dimensional Turbulence Model”, where the flame-embedding approach introduces a way to capture the inherent multi-scale physics of the combustion phenomena.  In this work, the upscaling of the density from ODT to LES was investigated and an algorithm was developed.  The proposed filtering scheme for density completed the coupling between the LES and ODT solutions.    The Lagrangian embedding strategy was then used for the simulation of a non-premixed flame.

During his undergraduate studies, he conducted an experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer in the Laser Diagnostic Lab of the University of Tehran; where he found the natural convection heat transfer coefficients through various data acquisition methods and verified the results with numerical results.

Research Areas

His research interests center around Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, in particular: Energy Conversion, Renewable Energies, Building Energy Modeling and Simulation, HVAC and Mechanical System Design, Heat Transfer, Turbulence, Microfluidics, Optimization of Thermal Systems, and Water & Wastewater.



M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering NC State University, Raleigh, NC 2013

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering University of Tehran, IRAN