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Juan Ha

Ph.D. Student

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Juwan’s mission as a researcher is to contribute to achieving a carbon-neutral society by developing sustainable and rapid energy transition systems within buildings and urban sectors. He has conducted several projects that focused on performance assessment and control of HVAC and renewable energy systems for various type’s buildings to improve efficiency during the M.S program. However, He thinks that one limitation of the model-based approach was that the energy systems are unique to each building, and tailoring models for individual buildings is labor-intensive. This is a barrier to scaling for a rapid carbon-neutral society. Therefore, during his Ph.D. course, He wants to overcome the limitation of previous studies through an advanced and multidisciplinary approach to find scalable solutions for achieving his mission.

Advisor: Dr. Soolyeon Cho

Research Group: Building Energy Technology Laboratory (BETlab)


Ph.D. in Design NC State University 2022-present

M.S Architectural Engineering Gyeongsang National University

B.S. Architectural Engineering Gyeongsang National University